Do you have a friend who need any of our services, now you can earn when your friend purchases our products/services. Join our referral program and start earning with us.

We let you earn 5 layers deep and follow a direct percentage payout system in which you can earn upto 20% commission on the total sales generated.

This mean when your friends purchase a products/services you earn upto 10% commission when they refer friends 4 level deep. Start today, build your team and earn with us.


We empowers you with the tool to earn passive income. Be a part of the NewLink Global Family.

Commission Rates

Commission Rate Revise as on 1st October 2018

Company Name 1st Layer Other Layers
DB Loan 2% 1%
DB Insurance 5% 2%
DB Mutual Funds 0% 0%
DB Accounts 10% 5%
XO Gold 5% 5%
XO Coinbuy 1% 0.5%
XO CoinFaucet 0% 0%
XO Miner 15% 5%
XO Bank 0% 0%
XO Cash 2% 1%
Stelocoin 5% 2%

For Example, You refer 5 friend to use our products/services and generate a sale of $10,000 per month, you earn 10% profit i.e $1,000 per month. Now your friend replicate the same system and add 5 friend each and generate a sale of $10,000 per month each, you earn passive income of $2,500 per month. This chain cointinius four level deep and you earn $391,000 per month.


Be a part of our reference program and be part of our global family.

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