Founded in 2010, we are a global focused venture fund with over $100 million under management. We invest in technology and technology-powered businesses such as ecommerce, online services, Mobility, Enterprise Software and Outsourcing.

Deep domain expertise, a wealth of operational expertise and knowledge gained by helping our invest partners differentiate. We partner with entrepreneurs through their journey in building world-class companies, backed by the rich & deep operating experience of our team. We look for entrepreneurs with unique insights and help them from the inception through all phases of growth. We bring extraordinary products and companies to life.


  • Passionate and driven entrepreneurs
  • Capital Efficient
  • Business Models
  • Large existing or potential market opportunities
  • Innovation that addresses a defined customer pinpoint
  • Clear Differentiation
  • Companies that can be standalone businesses


We invest early in the life of the company; mostly, we invest in the start of the company when it is being born and are the first institutional investor. We provide technical and legal support to new entrepreneurs to help then build their company.

We prefer to take a board seat in the companies and are active in supporting our entrepreneurs, but we do not seek to control or manage the company we invest in.